Ald. Moreno, Environmental Advocates Call For Plastic Bag Ban At Committee Hearing -Illinois

Posted on June 19, 2013 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Ald. Moreno, Environmental Advocates Call For Plastic Bag Ban At Committee Hearing | Progress Illinois.

The average Chicagoan uses 500 plastic bags a year, Moreno said. The “monster” (pictured) represents those bags. About 3.7 million plastic bags are used every day in the city of Chicago, Moreno added.

Jared Teutsch, water policy advocate at the Alliance for the Great Lakes, said in 2012, its beach cleanup volunteers removed more than 5,800 plastic bags from Chicago’s beaches.

The bags not only cause environmental harm, they can also become lodged in sewer grates or tangled in manufacturing machinery, causing economic damage for government and businesses, said Kathryn Abendroth, field coordinator with Environment Illinois.


It is good to see that finally some one with some sense is paying attention.   We all know that plastic bag recycling does not work on even a small scale.   The bags are just to low of a value for anyone to make an effort to do anything with.  Yes those recycle bins are sitting in a corner somewhere gathering dust, we’ve all seen them.
Banning them is the best, but making non plastic reusable ones available at low cost is a good support to the idea.  Gives people who fight change less to complain about.
It should be noted that if a plastic bag costs 3 cents then a biodegradable bags costs 3.3 cents.  It is a 10% factor.  But a ban is still far better than making them biodegradable.
For industry to come out and say recycling is the best alternative is only supporting the plastic bags makers at the expense to all the rest of us.  They know it doesn’t work but are trying to stall the process as long as possible.   This is wrong.
Ban the bags and lets keep the environment for all the others that follow.