BLOG: Can Chemical Recycling Solve the Plastic Waste Crisis?

Posted on May 30, 2019 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Carlos Monreal, CEO of PLASTIC ENERGY, explains that with the changes to the Basel Convention restricting shipments of hard-to-recycle waste to poorer countries, waste exporters have to find a way to recycle to face their responsibilities…

Source: BLOG: Can Chemical Recycling Solve the Plastic Waste Crisis?

At the moment, higher income countries have not developed the necessary infrastructure to deal with their own waste and have preferred exporting waste than keeping up with innovations in the field of recycling that could address this exported waste. In these conditions, naturally, the policies and regulation in place are behind the curve.

We need some radical changes to drive a truly circular economy but the onus is now on the recyclers to show the way supported by government, regulators and the whole value chain.

When end-of-life plastic waste can be converted into something of value to be used over and over again there is little logic in burying, burning or exporting it to developing countries which only creates more pollution on a planet that has suffered enough – and it actually even goes against the Waste Hierarchy established by the EU.