Call for volunteers to help remove litter from UK beaches

Posted on March 15, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Call for volunteers to help remove litter from UK beaches.

Based on our own experience of cleaning beaches of litter every month to keep them somewhat clean of trash, the above will mostly be plastic trash including a large number of drink bottles, food containers, straws, plastic cups and a lot of plastic fragments.   Just talking about the plastic bottles for a minute here.  The irony is just amazing.   Consider, this group is calling for a lot of volunteers to go out and pick up all this trash.  They get no help from the manufacturers who make the products that become the trash and yet that seems to be ok.   Yet when it comes to talk of a bottle deposit scheme which involves people going around on their own volition and picking up plastic bottle trash, the manufacturers strongly oppose such an action saying it is not the best way to go. 
This has to be rectified, bottle manufactures make products that cause a lot of enduring trash and litter.   A container deposit scheme cost them very little, yet is a very effective method to at least clean up a lot of the litter.   This is such an easy shift to make.  It works good for everyone.  Takes the guilt burden off the manufactures for seeing their products littered all over the place and cleans the environment and actually makes some money for those that want to spend their time picking up the containers.
Of course it does not affect all the other types of plastic litter we find on our beaches.  That is a different story and requires more cooperation on the manufacturers to consider the types of materials they are producing and the environment sustainability.