Cash for cans: NSW MPs make video appeal

Posted on May 2, 2016 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

With a decision due on Monday, two NSW government MPs have appeared in a video urging their cabinet colleagues to vote for a 10 cent “cash for containers” scheme.

via Cash for cans: NSW MPs make video appeal.

But cabinet will choose one of two models. The first is a container deposit scheme, designed by an advisory committee, that offers 10 cents for each drink container returned, covers 150ml to 1 litre containers, and collects containers at depots, reverse vending machines, kerbside recycling, or through a school or charity.

The second is an industry proposal that doesn’t offer a financial incentive to collect containers, but includes 100 reverse-vending machines, more bins, and gives community groups $300 to fill a trailer with rubbish

Lets hope common sense wins here and a CDS is put in place.  What industry is proposing is very little and just promotes littering and more cost to the public by having them pay for emptying a few more recycle bins.    All of Australia needs to tell Coke to face up to reality your products are littering our lands and water and we want it to stop and a CDS will do that quite easily.