Coles ‘bagflip’ fiasco highlights the need for legislation – Australia

Posted on August 12, 2018 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Affordability is a large concern for many consumers and will outrank environmental standards in more instances than not.

Source: Coles ‘bagflip’ fiasco highlights the need for legislation

Most importantly, self-regulation in the private sector relies on there being alternative options for the individual to exercise a choice. Whilst Coles and Woolworths own 51 per cent of the fresh fruit and vegetable market, shopping elsewhere can be a difficult task for those with busy lifestyles. In the context of waste, the majority consumer is unlikely to force business to adopt best practice behavior by consuming elsewhere. It is hardly surprising that a private business, or Coles in this instance, would fail to self-regulate plastic consumption all assumptions considered.

We believe every stewardship scheme in Australia in modern times has failed to achieve what it set out to do.  Companies (i.e. the people that run companies, Yes the same people that have spouses, children and grandchildren they want to look after) are more interested in making money that looking after their families future welfare or the Environment.    Australia so far behind the western world and its governments are very slow to react when it comes to impositions on big companies.  What does that tell us?