D2w provides best solution to plastic pollution – Pakistan

Posted on June 11, 2013 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

D2w provides best solution to plastic pollution.

Maybe Not!    A warning note should be made here about Oxo degradable plastics.   These are additives that are added to a plastic to make it fragment in to little pieces of plastic over 12-24 months when left in the open environment such as litter.   These little fragments can then blow and flow around the environment in wildlife bite sized pieces.  One could easily argue this is a larger environmental problem.  The degradation (not biodegradation) is a slow chemical reaction that starts as soon as the bag is made and the user has no control over it.  They refer to its breaking down at the end of its useful life.  The manufacturer has no idea at al what the useful life is.   This is simply green washing a product to deceive consumers into thinking it is good when reality is another situation.   They will not degrade in a landfill but will last many 100’s of years like other plastic bags.   They cannot be main stream recycled as they will contaminate other plastics that may not want to be degradable.   All of these issues should be stated by the additive manufacturer and its salespeople before any sales occur so that the buys are aware of all its limitations.