Firm to convert plastic into fuel from March – Kenya

Firm to convert plastic into fuel from March – Kenya

Posted on March 1, 2017 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Alternative Energy Systems has started test runs for its plant that converts plastic waste into synthetic fuel oil. The Kiambu-based company uses a conversion technology that involves heating the waste under controlled conditions to produce oil, similar to industrial diesel oil and heavy fuel oil used in power plants, industrial furnaces and boilers.Alternative Energy Systems CEO Rajesh Kent yesterday said the project will be ready for commissioning in March.

Source: Firm to convert plastic into fuel from March

More than 24 million plastic bags are used monthly in Kenya, according to the Green Belt Movement, half of which end up in the solid waste mainstream, constituting the biggest challenge to solid waste management in the country.

The Kiambu plant is a first of its kind commercial project, with a similar model currently under piloting in South Africa.

It has a capacity of recycling 16 tonnes of plastic waste per day.

Good to see such importance being put on elimination of plastic waste.  Plastic bags are such a big problem in all countries.  Well done to Kenya for having more foresight than many other western countries.  24 million bags month is about 190 ton per month.  (each bag is about 10 gms).  Therefore 16 ton per day or 480 ton per month should be more than enough to tackle that waste, if they can get them shipped aback to the facility.