Green groups dismiss claim container deposit scheme will attract ‘scavengers’

Posted on March 29, 2016 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Food and Grocery Council’s warning that NSW scheme will result in rubbish being strewn over front lawns labelled as ‘scaremongering’

via Green groups dismiss claim container deposit scheme will attract ‘scavengers’.

But the Boomerang Alliance, an environmental group that has been campaigning for action on the issue for over 13 years, which also put in a submission to the state government, has accused the council of “scaremongering”.

Boomerang Alliance executive director, Jeff Angel, told Guardian Australia it was a “standard tactic” of opponents of container deposit schemes.“It’s failed in other countries and the states [of Australia] because the industry has little credibility and the community support for container deposits is so massive,” Angel said.He said the Northern Territory’s scheme was “beset with problems” because it was run by the drinks industry, which had “made a mess of it”.“In no way are we supporting the importing of the NT [container deposit scheme] into New South Wales. We are proposing an efficient, low-cost system and certainly no control by the drinks industry.”He said offering financial incentives for container returns “motivates hundreds of collectors every week”.

The Food and Grocery council has one goal only and that is to maximise profits for their members irregardless of anything else.    They do not care that our country is littered with their members products.   Now they are clutching at straws it seems.   They need to face the reality of their products and the litter and marine damage they are doing.  They are so wrong about 96% recycling of bottles.  It is close to 25% for plastic bottles.  With a CDS it will go over 80%.  The BA has the right story here and we hope the NSW will see this.