How beverage companies joined forces to attack Baird recycling scheme – Australia

Posted on February 18, 2015 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

How beverage companies joined forces to attack Baird recycling scheme.

Beverage giants Carlton and United, Lion and Coca-Cola colluded in a secret plan to attack the Baird government’s proposed cash for containers recycling scheme, leaked emails reveal.

A group of 15 company executives and industry lobbyists held regular conference calls, and circulated emails, as they shared tactics and reported back on their meetings with politicians.

A “to do” list shared among the rival companies in December included Lion calling on Victorian environment minister Lisa Neville and Coca-Cola asking Queensland Premier Campbell Newman to “reach out” to the NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes to get him to change his mind.

We sincerely hope the NSW govt will introduce this cash for containers scheme as it is very much needed.  This sleazy lobbying by bottling companies is so against what the Australian people want.

In reading this one wonders how much the bottling companies paid to the current new government in Victoria to have such a naive anti CDS policy at the moment.  One can hope they wake up and act for the 10,000’s of people who voted for them not a few big companies who fund their election campaigns and could care less about the environment their bottles and cans are trashing.