Huggies, TerraCycle launch Diaper Packaging Brigade – Canada

Posted on June 12, 2013 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Huggies, TerraCycle launch Diaper Packaging Brigade


Do we really think 2 cents is going to make much of a difference?  It is good for the company to grandstand to make this big press release, but all the hype aside it this going to do anything really?


One could argue that it is a start for the manufacturers who make these disposable plastic items to start to at least acknowledge that their products are a large environmental problem and they have to be responsible for their disposal as much as the user is.  Extended Producer Responsibility is what we need to mandate.


There are a number of options these companies can do that are better than 2 cents.   Firstly however, if 1 in 5 families are struggling to buy a luxury item like a disposable diaper then perhaps they should not be using them but using reusable nappies.


These manufacturers should be redesigning their products so that not all the diaper is discarded.  The outer cover does not get soiled so that could easily be washed and reused.   The inner lining should not be a plastic material but a natural biodegradable material.  Or at least make that using a landfill biodegradable additive so that it will biodegrade away when it gets to a landfill.


Disposable diapers are a huge problem, #3 item in a landfill.  It is time these4 manufacturers got responsible for the pollution and legacy their products are leaving.