Lewis: Prop 67 bag ban stakes are global – California

Posted on August 21, 2016 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Proposition 67 is a crucial opportunity to prevent billions more plastic bags from becoming toxic, deadly litter throughout the state.

Source: Lewis: Prop 67 bag ban stakes are global

The global effort to stop plastic from choking our oceans is under attack Nov. 8. Proposition 67 on California’s ballot would ban giveaways of single-use plastic shopping bags throughout our state, not just in individual coastal and Bay Area cities. The result will either boost the movement for bans throughout the United States, or crush progress here and around the world.

Plastic bag manufacturers are going for the kill right now, desperate to protect their profits from making throwaway items. When Gov. Jerry Brown signed a 2014 law banning these bags statewide, bag makers paid signature gatherers hundreds of thousands of dollars for a referendum that blocks the law unless Proposition 67 passes. Now they’re preparing to spend millions more to confuse voters.

The blatant greed of these very few corporations is very sickening.  Their product cause unmeasurable harm and they do not care.  Very sad that some people live like this.