Nick Clegg’s plastic bag levy is an abuse of the tax system – UK

Posted on October 2, 2013 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Nick Clegg’s plastic bag levy is an abuse of the tax system – Telegraph.

It is hardly surprising that a conservative MP is taking this stance against a plastic bag surcharge.

Any one who writes this below has not been out in society lately.

They (grocery stores) are good at providing what consumers want rather than what politicians think is good for them – the bars of chocolate near the till are a joy for children and probably some parents too. The endless supply of free plastic bags is a small part of this convenience: customers do not need to remember their shopping bags and have an easy way of transporting goods both from the shop to their car and then into their homes.

The conservatives make it well known they are all for supporting the ‘right now’ and could care less about tomorrow.  Voters vote now so that is where they see their best interests lay to get into power.  However for the rest of us that have to put up with the problems made by this very short sighted way of thinking the conservatives have, it is making our lives more and more unpleasant every day with more and more pollution and a lower quality of life.
Bring on the bag charge and see our lives get better.