Pack firms support plans for ‘Clean Europe Day’

Posted on December 10, 2012 by DrRossH in General

Pack firms support plans for ‘Clean Europe Day’ | Packaging News | Jobs | Production | Design | Innovation.

A similar event happens in Australia once a year.  Called Clean Up Australia Day, (CUAD).  On this day 1000’s of volunteers go out and a number of corporations encourage their staff to contribute too.   They pick an area be it a beach, a stretch of road, a park etc and pick up all the trash in it, from Coke/Pepsi bottles, MacDonalds plastic cups, old tyres,..    And send them to a landfill.  Some more active organisations do a litter sort and categorise the litter by type, bottles, cigarettes, straws etc to find out the worst offenders.   (Which then points to the industries responsible for making the most polluting items). 
What we have to be careful of is industries that make polluting items do not rely on volunteers to clean up the waste their products make without any responsibility put back on these manufacturers.
Australia has a small population compared to Europe so it will be a huge challenge to organise a Europe wide trash collection day.