Paint up for stewardship treatment – Australia

Paint up for stewardship treatment – Australia

Posted on July 21, 2014 by DrRossH in Stewardship Waste Programs

PaintcansPaint up for stewardship treatment – WASTE & RESOURCES.

Here is what appears to be an excellent example of industry and government working together to bring about a good change for the environment.   Getting rid of old paint has always been a problem.  Being a liquid, it is restricted by so many regulations.

Now in Australia, the paint manufacturers have come together to agree to put a surcharge on paint.  The surcharge would go towards setting up a funding centres where paint could be properly disposed of.

Industry is strongly supportive of the scheme. The founding members of the APMF – DuluxGroup, Haymes Paints, PPG Industries and Valspar – making up approximately 85% of the Australian paint market – have taken a leadership role in the development of a national scheme.

So one might ask what is the difference between this and a container deposit scheme (CDS) for drink bottles?   There is none.  Except the greed of Coke and their irresponsible behaviour to trash Australia so they can keep their perceived profit level.  Why does the government support a paint deposit scheme yet be hesitant to impose a CDS on drink bottles?  It is a good question.