Pair urges government to classify some plastic waste as hazardous

Posted on February 19, 2013 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Pair urges government to classify some plastic waste as hazardous – News – Plastics News#email_sustain.

This has been one of the strong suggestions here at Plastic has a myriad of beneficial uses as far as product manufacturers are concerned because it is very inert and light weight.  However it is these exact properties that make it such an environmental hazard.  Because it is inert, it does not break down for a long long time.  And because it is lightweight it is easily blown and washed around to other environments where it does not belong.
It makes no sense to have a disposable plastic item that has a use of just a few minutes to then be discarded to last 100’s of years as pollution somewhere.   This alone should be a strong enough reason to make it classified as a hazardous product.  The irresponsible use of plastic being promulgated these days is a real hazard to our future environment.  If the regulations and costs of dealing with plastic were much higher we would not have this problem.  While most people are not made aware of the problem of plastic waste accumulating on our lands and oceans, it is only a matter of time where the problem is so bad that the quality of our oceans, rivers, parks are so bad that it will be an irreversible problem to fix.