Sánchez: Leap to the frying pan?

Posted on March 23, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Sánchez: Leap to the frying pan? | Sun.Star.

Stay firm and ban the bags.   Don’t let erroneous reasons like they cost less to make and use less water.   That is the issue all plastic manufactures take as they have no argument for the disposal problems of plastic.  So they try to divert the argument to another direction.  Plastic is not biodegradable and will cause problems for 100’s of years.  We just don’t need the problems they cause.  Paper biodegrades in a few months and is gone.  It is that simple.  
The article cited how well it works in the USA etc, well it doesn’t work in the USA, they have large plastic bag problems too and there is an increasing movement to ban bags there too.  Disposable plastic items a problem everywhere, Australia, USA, UK, Philippines, African countries and more.  Consumers will readily switch to reusable bags after a couple of weeks.  In Italy after 12 months after a ban, 80% of the people when asked said they did not want to see plastic bags again.  Bag companies that claim they will be hard done by are in an ideal position to switch to manufacturing a new type of reusable bag and capture the market again instead of spending a lot of legal fees fighting what is going to be inevitable soon.
We cannot continue with this 1970’s attitude of manufactures irresponsibly making whatever product they like irregardless of the consequences on our environment.  It has to be amore synergistic approach with manufactures involved in the disposal/recycling issues of their products.  Only then will we be able to attain a sustainable lifestyle