Seabirds ‘blighted by plastic waste’

Seabirds ‘blighted by plastic waste’

Posted on September 2, 2015 by DrRossH in Plastic & Wildlife

Seabirds ‘blighted by plastic waste’ – BBC News.

Back in 1960, the data showed that maybe fewer than 5% of birds would be found with waste fragments in their stomach.

Today, this figure is roughly 90%. And, on current trends, by 2050, the team predicts that plastic ingestion will touch 99% of the world’s seabird species, with nearly every individual affected.

“Plastic in seabirds is ubiquitous, and it’s increasing,” study leader Chris Wilcox from CSIRO, Australia’s federal research agency, told BBC News

“A pristine ocean doesn’t exist anymore,” said Dr Van Sebille, who is affiliated to Imperial College London.

“Every ocean is now filled with plastic. Some have more than others, but what we found is that even the oceans that are not known for their plastic – they still have quite a bit of plastic and they can be where the harm is really done just because that’s where all the birds live.”