Southampton considers ban on mylar balloons – UK

Posted on August 1, 2017 by DrRossH in Balloons

The village of Southampton is considering banning the sale of mylar balloons.

Source: Southampton considers ban on mylar balloons

All balloons need to be banned. Saying the latex one are ‘degradable’ is being a bit naive. Latex will biodegrade when put in a microbe rich environment. Even then it takes considerable time. If they are let loose in the environment there are few microbes there so they will not be biodegraded away. They are just as dangerous as the mylar balloons. In our beach litter clean ups we find many balloons and their fragments.
One person asked “how do you deprive a little kid of a balloon?” Really? People need to be a bit more realistic. Is it the parent that wants the child to have a balloon or the child. If it is a helium filled balloon, the child will let it go. They don’t need balloons, get them another toy. Preferably not plastic either.