The Plastic Film Challenge – Canada

Posted on July 28, 2013 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

The Film Challenge


We use a lot of film as we as a society have made it easy to use.  Shrink wrapping of pallets for transport is a good example of where film is widely used.
But is many situations it is not necessary at all.  There are other options available that do not use film.  Nets, cardboard boxes for example.  Just because we have made it easy to use film doesn’t mean it is the only way to go.  There are lots of smart people out there who will find other ways if film was not allowed or became cost prohibitive.  That is how we got film in the first place.  One could safely bet the inventor of plastic film had no idea of the environmental disaster it would be when used in such large scales.
All it wold take is a ‘environmental fee’ to be imposed on the manufacture of plastic film to disincentivise it’s use and that would drive industry to seek other methods.
After why should we the public have to put up with the waste problem and expense of plastic film and MRFs struggle how to handle it and landfills have to take large quantities of it while the manufacturers of the film have no responsibility in any of this?