A tale of two beaches and their rubbish problem – Australia

Posted on July 7, 2018 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Two sandy stretches on opposite sides of the Port Phillip Bay illustrate the extent of the litter problem.

Source: A tale of two beaches and their rubbish problem

Across the bay from Rye, Port Melbourne resident Ross Headifen encounters a disturbing picture almost every day at his local beach.

When the southerly wind blows, clumps of seaweed that have trapped pieces of rubbish wash up on the shore, particularly in spring.

In 2011 the mechanical engineer began picking up trash with the local beach patrol group during monthly outings.

But in 2016 he and his wife Ramona decided to collect rubbish early every morning along a 45 metre stretch of Port Melbourne beach and document what they found.

In one year they gathered about 145,000 bits of litter on their morning walks on that one section of sand alone.

For the year, using wind weather data,  it was predicted 550 million pieces of plastic would wash out of the whole Port Phillip Bay.