Australian Bottle Refund Scheme to be Debated Finally!

Posted on February 24, 2014 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations


The push for a national deposit-return system for beverage containers is about to bubble over in Australia. Politicians will finally debate a cross-country refund scheme next week after leaving it in the icebox for, some say, too long.

This issue pits the continent’s feisty environmental campaigners thirsty for change at Boomerang Alliance against big beverage makers, like Coca-Cola Amatil, Schweppes and Lyon Nathan, and the organization they help to fund, Keep Australia Beautiful. Two of five AU states already add a refund fee payable upon return of the container.

Of an estimated 14- to 15-billion containers consumed each year in AU, eight billion are littered or buried as garbage. Clean Up Australia released its 2013 Rubbish report on Valentine’s Day.

Dumped glass on Sunshine Coast was up 11 per cent and cigarette butt litter increased by 10 per cent in one year.

Non-alcoholic beverage containers are the top littered item followed by cigarette butts, chip bags and other wrappers, bottles and lids and alcoholic beverage containers.

Clean Up Day in Australia is March 2.


What is worse is that nationally only about 25% of plastic bottles are recycled.  The rest are littered or landfilled.  Their tops, the containers them selves and their plastic labels are ubiquitous across Australia as litter.  This CDS would solve all that plus create a number of new jobs for the declining Australian economy.    Coke and the others are acting so irresponsible and need to be made to think about the host country they work in more than their cash bottom line all the time.  The ironic thing is if coke looked past more than a 12 month window they would see if they came out and endorsed such a great environmental initiative they would win back a lot of friends and hence more customers!  So short sighted.