Balloons to be banned from pilgrim center – Philippines

Posted on January 9, 2018 by DrRossH in Balloons

ORGANIZERS of the 453rd Fiesta Señor celebration urged devotees to deepen their spirituality and focus on the religious aspect of the event. In a press conference yesterday, officials of the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño asked devotees to focus to not just be spectators of the event but be active in it spiritually. As this year’s Fiesta Señor kicks off on Thursday, organizers put up several security measures to ensure a peaceful celebration without traffic spoiling the religious activities.

Source: Balloons to be banned from pilgrim center

Another new feature in this year’s fiesta is the total ban of balloons inside the Basilica. Fr. Aladdin Luzon, in-charge of the fiesta’s peace and order committee, said they’ve instructed their security guards to prevent balloon sellers from entering the Basilica. He also instructed security guards to confiscate balloons from devotees entering the Basilica. Luzon said that aside from environmental considerations, the practice of releasing balloons in the air during the religious activities is not a proper way to show devotion to the Santo Niño.