BioPak launches PHA compostable packaging   – Australia

BioPak launches PHA compostable packaging   – Australia

Posted on June 11, 2024 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Packaging specialist BioPak has launched of its PHA range, an innovation that is set to revolutionise the home-compostable cup industry.

Source: BioPak launches PHA compostable packaging   – Inside Waste

A notable factor of the innovation is that the PHA resin is certified marine biodegradable – meaning that it will break down significantly faster (it needs to biodegrade in marine settings in less than 180 days) than conventional plastic if it ends up in the ocean.

“This is a breakthrough in bioplastics. However, our products are not designed to be

disposed of in the marine environment, so we won’t be advertising it on the cup. Its ability to biodegrade quickly is not a license to litter, but an opportunity to have an end of life solution for people with access to a home compost” Smith continued.

Expected to launch later this year, PHA will be certified home compostable to Australian and European Standards (AS5810 and NFT51-800).