Bottled water consumption booming – Australia

Posted on April 23, 2016 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Whatever your opinions about it, there’s no doubt bottled water is a bona fide hit in Australia, as the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal.

via Bottled water consumption booming.

In 2015, some 5.3 million people (or 27.1% of Aussies 14+) drank bottled water in any given seven days — an increase on 2014, when 4.9 million Australians drank it in the same period.  The most popular brand by far is Mount Franklin, consumed by nearly 40% of all bottled-water drinkers in an average seven days. Coles Natural Spring Water is a very distant second (14.0%), just ahead of Pump Pure Water (12.8%).


This is exactly why Australia needs a container deposit scheme to allows all these water bottles to be recovered in stead of being littered and many ending in the oceans.  The age groups that drink this need to be a lot more responsible.