Bottler of an idea to contain street litter – Victoria Australia

Posted on April 4, 2016 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

OPINION: Former Premier Denis Napthine says Victoria should introduce a container deposit scheme.

via Bottler of an idea to contain street litter.

Currently Australians consume drinks from 15 billion containers each year. However only about 40 per cent of these bottles and cans are recycled.

The remaining 60 per cent or 9 billion drink containers each year end up in landfills or as unwanted litter on our roadsides,in our waterways or scattered as an ugly blight across our environment.

While Victorians are quite rightly proud of their recycling achievements, clear evidence from overseas and South Australia demonstrates that the introduction of a container deposit scheme will provide the incentive needed to significantly boost the recycling of bottles and cans.

Victorians only need to have a real look around their neighbourhood to see discarded bottles and cans in the gutter, on the beach or in the local park to see the benefits of a container deposit scheme. 


This was written by the former State Premier who was about to introduce the Cash for Container Scheme as he clearly recognised the benefits it would bring and the big problem it would solve.  Unfortunately he was voted out of office last election, a year too early and the scheme was cancelled by the next Labour govt in office.  We wonder why they would do that?