Call for industry to do more to reduce pack waste

Posted on November 28, 2011 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News


Speaking at a Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum on ‘Moving towards a zero waste economy’ (17 November), Thornton stressed that packaging had an important role to play in protecting products. 
However, he added that packaging “was also inherent waste”. He explained: “The one thing we know about packaging is that it will end up in the waste stream.  Full Story

Using plastic as packaging is a recent phenomenon and it is getting worse.  What happened to cardboard and paper?  It used to work before so why doesn’t it work now?   Cost to the manufacturer.   If the true cost of plastic packaging was to be compared the thought process may be quite different.   What are the costs to the environment of all this plastic packaging that doesn’t biodegrade?  Manufacturer’s costs should not be the only cost to consider when packaging is made.  They need to be held somewhat responsible for the disposal costs of the packaging they produce.

Why don’t we limit packaging to only one layer of plastic in its production and delivery to the retail out let.  At the moment we have a product in a plastic bottle say, then packed in a 12 pack with a plastic fastening be it 6 pack rings, or shrink wrapped together.   Then stacked on a pallet for delivery and all shrink wrapped again.   That is at least 3 layers of plastic for that item.   2 layers go in the trash immediately once at the retailers outlet and the third goes in the trash or recycle bin after the consumer has finished with it.   This is over plasticisation without a care for the consequences