Chile Boldly Bans Single-Use Plastics

Posted on September 14, 2021 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

The law cracks down on disposable food packaging, mandates refillable bottles.

litter on ground in Chile

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Chile is getting serious in the fight against single-use plastics. After banning plastic bags from grocery stores in 2018, it passed a law to eliminate single-use plastic packaging and implements from eating establishments across the country.

The new law takes effect at the end of 2021, and six months after that, all restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and other food-based businesses will no longer be able to provide disposable items like plastic cutlery, drinking straws, stirrers, and chopsticks, including Styrofoam. 

Within three years it will be mandatory for all food retailers to provide reusable products for dine-in customers and non-plastic disposable products for takeout customers. These could be items made from aluminum, paper, or cardboard.

The law will limit the sale of disposable plastic beverage bottles, requiring all supermarkets, convenience stores, and grocers to sell and receive returnable bottles for both in-person and online sales. After three years, these stores can display no less than 30% returnable bottles on their beverage shelves. 

Nice progressive moves by Chile. Such a beautiful country that is such a shame to see it spoiled by plastic rubbish.