Coca-Cola to roll out ‘twist’ bottles for UK water business

Posted on December 16, 2016 by DrRossH in General

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has launched a new ‘twist’ bottle format and label for its Abbey Well Spring Water, which aims to be more environmentally friendly and encourage consumers to recycle more.The new design of bottles, said CCEP, is the result of a £14 million ($17.

Source: Coca-Cola to roll out ‘twist’ bottles for UK water business – Plastics News

The new bottle will be introduced for Abbey Well still water in the 500 milliliter size,  750ml sports cap, 250ml sports cap and sparkling water 500ml, and will be rolling out in stores from December onwards.

“With the water sector continuing to grow, it’s more important than ever to minimize our environmental impact and encourage more recycling,” said Caroline Cater, director of operational marketing at Coca-Cola European Partners.

I read this with incredulity.  What a lot of worthless spin Coke is putting out on this product.   A littered plastic bottle is still a littered plastic bottle no matter how thin it is.   All coke is doing is reducing their material costs and hiding it under the guise of sustainability.   Shame on them..   There is nothing sustainable about a plastic water bottle.   And they are making tiny 250 ml bottles of water.   That is even worse.  More plastic for a few mouthfuls.   A horrible concept that should be banned.  Utterly irresponsible.
Printing ‘recycle me’ on the label and claiming that makes them sustainable is also green washing.  if Coke was worried at all about sustainability they would encourage a container deposit scheme to stop their products being littered every where.  But will they do that?  On no it might hurt profits and we can’t have sustainability hurting profits.

Shame on Coke once again.