Debunking the myth about biodegradable plastics – Saudi Arabia

Posted on August 17, 2017 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Often made from farmed products, such as cornstarch, biodegradable plastic products are generally being promoted as the more sustainable option. However, little is being said about their long term environmental cost. Using biomass as a raw material puts pressure on land availability and crop farming thereby impacting global food production. In the right conditions, biodegradable plastics break down into carbon dioxide and methane that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions with serious repercussions for climate change.

Source: Debunking the myth about biodegradable plastics

A good summary of a situation but perhaps somewhat biased towards continuing to use plastic too easily? Recycling of plastic lies below , reduce and reuse in order of priorities. Those two facets should be heavily implemented first before we all sit back and say recycling will cure all our plastic waste problems. There are a lot of single use disposable items made of plastic that consumers do not need. And plastic waste from consumers is a significant contributor to overall plastic litter. Item like plastic straws, plastic shopping bags, plastic lined coffee cups,  plastic cups, cutlery, plates and many more.  We can easily do with out these items these days.  More emphasis should be put on eliminating those first.