Eco-friendly plastic?

Posted on March 13, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Eco-friendly plastic? | Editorial.

Manufacturers dig deep to find any reason based on any basic appearance of a fact to not get their plastic bags banned.   They all try to steer the discussion to the manufacturing side by saying theirs is less costly, more environmentally friendly to make and so on.   But what they do not address is the disposal side as they have not one leg to stand on there.  There is no good way to dispose of a plastic bag.   Recycling is the least worse as the material does go into other bags, but only a percentage per new bag.  So every bag recycled requires 3-5 new bags to be made to reuse all its material.  This is a runaway model that is highly unsustainable.  Yes paper bags use wood, but we farm trees, it is a highly sustainable resource and the sequester a lot of CO2 during their growth.  To use a bit more energy and more water to make a paper bag over a plastic bag is well worth it when the environmental problems of plastic bag disposal are considered.  And let’s not forget we ought to be getting people to use reusable biodegradable material bags first before a disposable paper bag is to be used.  But plastic bags?  They are at the bottom of the pile of desirable items.  That is the argument that should be put up before any decision committee.