Experts out to bag levy in plastic fight – Hing Kong

Posted on November 20, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Experts out to bag levy in plastic fight – The Standard.

But as the Environment Protection Department is now proposing to extend the levy to include all retailers and to allow small outlets to keep the proceeds, to minimize administrative costs, “it would be a good time to use the levy and push for the use of degradable plastics.”

Currently, 3,000 large stores have been charging the levy since it was first rolled out in July 2009. There are now plans to extend the scheme to all 60,000 retailers.

 However yet again there is a proponent of oxodegradable plastic bags over exaggerating the properties of what oxodegradable plastics do.  Oxos will cause a plastic bag to break into 1000’s of little pieces of plastic and they will then float and blow around the environment, potentially making a plastic soup.  Is that what Hong Kong wants?    Perhaps a plastic bag ban coupled with a  Waste to Energy plant would be better suited for such a small Island to control its waste problem.