Flexible PrimaPak targets rigid container niche – USA

Posted on December 1, 2012 by DrRossH in BioPlastics

Plastics News – Flexible PrimaPak targets rigid container niche.

“This is practical sustainability,” said Forowycz. “There is a lower manufacturing footprint and manufacturing costs are significantly reduced.” Warehouse space, fuel use and greenhouse gases are also reduced and the packaging requires fewer trucks for shipping, he said.


By whose definition does this define sustainability?   Sustainable means we can use a product at a certain rate and never run out of it and not impact our environment.   There is nothing in these products that qualify as sustainable.

What this gentleman is referring to is lower manufacturing costs for the company.  A benefit for them only being hidden behind a claimed ‘sustainable benefit’ to the consumer.   It is nothing to do with the environment at all.  Just because a PET product is made from plants rather than fossil fuel, does not mean it is sustainable.  It could be less sustainable actually as we could run out of arable land.   This PET product has no benefit for the environment on its disposal side at all.  It is PET and it is just a bad as fossil based PET when it comes to disposal issues. 

This greenwashing by manufacturers is highly unethical and big corporations should act a lot more responsible.