Freeing Trevor to drive the circular bus – Australia

Freeing Trevor to drive the circular bus – Australia

Posted on February 22, 2022 by DrRossH in Plastic Recycling, Plastic Waste News

Source: Freeing Trevor to drive the circular bus – Inside Waste


There is no chance we can achieve a Circular Economy by 2025, but achieving the 80 per cent diversion from landfill Target in the National Waste Action plan by 2030, is achievable and we must support it.

The economy is very efficient at mining, manufacturing, using and disposing of materials. The so called “Take, Make, Dispose” linear flow of materials. To be ‘circular’ our economy needs fixes at each end.

The front end “Design” side (what can be put into the economy) needs root and branch reform to allow for reuse and recycling a “end of life”. There is not a single law in Australia that requires design for recycling or reuse.

We know that 2025 targets are unachievable.  They are targets, so there is no requirement even to implement them other than social pressure.   like it or not the governments have to step in and do things industry will perceive as reducing their profits so will push back.   But we have to do it.  Change is always hard, but cheaper in the long run.  That is where we need to think.