Greener recycling for PPE waste – USA

Greener recycling for PPE waste – USA

Posted on February 9, 2022 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Source: Greener recycling for PPE waste


Greener recycling for PPE waste

You and his doctoral student Xiang Zhao have developed a solution that could help reduce the plasticised medical-protection garb back into its original form — such as chemicals and petroleum — and then recycle it, perhaps into fuels. The method — a medium-temperature reaction called pyrolysis — is said to involve no incineration or landfill use.

In the paper’s energy analysis and environmental lifecycle assessment, the proposed optimal PPE processing system avoids 41.52% of total landfilling and 47.64% of the incineration processes. This method shows an environmental advantage by reducing total greenhouse gas emissions by 35.42% emissions from conventional incineration and energy saving by 43.5% from landfilling, the researchers said.

“This is a viable strategy for disposing of and processing waste PPE,” You said. “It is a treatment method with low greenhouse gas emissions, it alleviates fossil fuel emission depletion and it saves a lot of polluting material from landfills.”