India court compares plastic bags to atom bomb

Posted on May 30, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Plastics News – India court compares plastic bags to atom bomb.

The court said bags are choking lakes, ponds and urban sewers, creating a threat to the next generation that is greater than the atom bomb.

Ban the bag.   They are simply products we do not need.  Use reusable bags and there is no ongoing cost at all.  The analogy to the car is far from valid.  Our society cannoot get by with out cars now due ot our infrastructure.  But we can get by with out plasic bags.  convenience?  Carry a reusable bag with you, that is very conveiient too?
We banned DDT in the 60s as it was harmful to humans and animals.  It was a good product and worked well.  Yet we banned it as the overall disadvantages far outweighed the advantages.  Just like disposable plastic items.
Educating the public to recycle all their bags has been a big failure even in more educated countries like the USA where bag recycling is under 5%.