Keep the plastic bag ban on N.C. coast – USA

Posted on April 28, 2017 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Legislators are pushing a repeal of a plastic bag ban on the Outer Banks. But Outer Banks residents – and the businesses the bills are supposed to help – say they want to keep the ban in place.

Source: Keep the plastic bag ban on N.C. coast

HB 271 and S. 434 cite no evidence that voluntary plastic bag recycling programs would be a comparable replacement. In fact, the evidence shows the opposite. Plastic bag recycling is costly: a ton of plastic bags costs $4,000 to recycle, but can be sold for only $32 – a loss of $3,968 per ton. Plastic bag recycling is also difficult: bags cannot be collected with other recyclables because thin film plastics clog sorting machines. These factors discourage recycling, and many recyclers no longer accept plastic bags.

Why would a law be repealed?     Why wold senators and congressmen want to repeal this law.   The only reason is they must have taken funds from the bag companies  who must care nothing for he environment only about their profits.   Shameful.