Local food entrepreneurs take on Big Food in Australia

Posted on April 26, 2014 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Local food entrepreneurs take on Big Food in Australia | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional.

One of the big problems of a supermarket which was touched upon by one of the commenters above is the amount of plastic that the food in supermarkets is packaged in. It is shocking. Walk down any isle and look at the plastic packaging. It is hard to find an item not in plastic nowadays. Packaging only has a useful life of getting the item from the manufacturer to the consumer then its useful life is over but its actual life will last 100’s of years more somewhere. 100’s of years of pollution for a few months if that of use. To make it worse, look at how items are shipped to the supermarkets. This involves secondary and tertiary layers of plastic wrapping just to get the plastic packaged item onto the shelf. Then to top it off the supermarkets give it to you in a plastic bag to take home. A journey of one hour or less typically and we have another collection of plastic items that will last many 100’s of years. Yet when challenged the supermarkets claim sustainability. This is exactly what they are not. They have become this monstrosity of a waste plastic generator and their legacy today will be with our great great great grandchildren to still be dealing with. This is a very irresponsible business model and one that needs to be avoided. Most food (in big cities at least) is now available from markets where each item is not wrapped in plastic. The supermarket food is picked weeks before it is ripe and has no taste as the sugars do not form as they were meant to. Try a farmers market apple. In fresh markets, you can still see the actual food item without peering through plastic film. You can use paper bags or better still bring your own bags. Once people take their blinders off and really understand the large problems that supermarkets are making it is a big incentive to avoid them. Plastic packaging is going to come back to bite us and like global warming, when it does it will be so hard to then correct the problem as it will be such a large widespread problem on land and in the oceans knowing no boundaries.