Marine Debris Solutions Building Momentum – Tangaroa Blue Foundation – Australia

Posted on December 9, 2014 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Marine Debris Solutions Building Momentum – Tangaroa Blue Foundation.

Tangaroa Blue is doing an amazing job of raising the awareness of marine debris in the oceans around Australia.  They are really developing a national map of what is going on and trying hard to get solutions for it.

Disposable drink bottles topped the list of rubbish collected by students at Old Bar Beach this month as part of an education project undertaken by Hunter Local Land Services to raise awareness of marine debris.
Students from Old Bar Public School collected a total of 80kg debris including 219 glass and plastic bottles, and aluminium cans from a 1km stretch of shoreline.

Plastic shopping, ice and dog poo bags, along with cigarette butts, and plastic food packaging also scored high on the list of items removed.

These items could easily enter nearby waterways where local marine life may choke on plastic bags or become entangled in plastic or fishing line leading to serious injury or death. This can impact on our local marine environment and also cause problems for the local fishing industry.