McDonald’s tosses EPS cups and trays

Posted on January 12, 2018 by DrRossH in General, Plastic Straws, Plastic Waste News

McDonald’s Corp. is ditching expanded polystyrene for good around the globe.

McDonald’s, on the company’s website, indicates “the environmental impact of our packaging is a top priority.”

“We also plan to eliminate foam packaging from our global system by the end of 2018. While about 2 percent of our packaging, by weight, is currently foam, we believe this small step is an important one on our journey. These actions represent successes that will continue to raise the bar for our system and our industry,” the company said.

The EPS industry and single use plastics in general) has to face up to the simple observation that its products are highly littered. They know this. Also their products are recycled very little (6%) , if any. To often industry gets away with confusing the consumer with the two words, Recyclable and Recycled. They are very different words. Industry can’t hide behind Recyclable claims all the while knowing there is little recycling and harm is occurring to the environment and wildlife. That is just very irresponsible for them to knowingly be harming the environment for the rest of us. While EPS may be recyclable. It is too hard to recycle, no infrastructure to capture every cup or tray the consumer ends up with. A empty cup or such has no value so users dump it in rubbish bins.
Not that the consumer is innocent either. They own 50% of the problem. The lack of care when disposing of their rubbish leaves a lot to be desired. The lack of concern when they choose a singe use ‘disposable’ plastic item when a reusable item would be far better from a waste perspective.
What we need to look at is a surcharge levy on single use plastic items. This would put their price up, their consumption down and generate a revenue pool that could be used to pay people to go clean up all this littered plastic. This spits the cost over industry and over the consumers as it should do.