Melbourne council votes for balloon ban

Posted on February 27, 2018 by DrRossH in Balloons, Plastic Limiting Regulations

SOON businesses and residents in three of Melbourne’s suburbs will be banned from selling or purchasing balloons and other plastics such as disposable food containers and cups.

Source: Melbourne council votes for balloon ban

This is a good positive move.  However those with a vested interest in making money off balloons can not see past their wallet to the large benefits such restrictions bring in.

Balloon Artists and Suppliers Association president Ray Stewart argued that latex balloons should not be included in the ban.

“To push balloons in with their plastic bans … it’s just dishonest, it doesn’t give the issue of latex balloons the attention it deserves,” Mr Stewart said.

“Surely it’s worth looking into because the impacts that a full ban has on so many members of our community — mum-and-dad businesses who provide for their families through the sale of these balloons.”

Latex balloons are often labelled as “biodegradable” and more environmentally friendly than other balloons, but they can still take years to break down and can cause damage to wild life if ingested.


Mr Stewart is being reckless in his attempt to hide his personal disappointment that his sales will go down to the benefit of the community.  That is typical selfishness of the greedy.