NSW Premier Mike Baird announces 2017 start date for cash for cans- Australia

Posted on June 18, 2015 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

NSW Premier Mike Baird announces 2017 start date for cash for cans.

NSW residents will be rewarded for collecting and returning bottles and cans to hundreds of reverse vending machines across NSW from July 2017, Premier Mike Baird will announce on Saturday.

The container deposit scheme is likely to generate $65 million a year for charities, schools and sporting groups, the Total Environment Centre projects.

Environment Minister Rob Stokes said it was a “historic decision” to move ahead with a scheme that had been put in the “too hard basket” by successive governments.

Polling shows 90 per cent support among NSW consumers for such a scheme. But Mr Baird has stared down fierce resistance from the beverages industry, which Fairfax Media revealed earlier this month had colluded in a fierce campaign against a container deposit policy. 

Rival executives from Lion Nathan, Coca-Cola and Carlton and United Breweries held conference calls, shared emails and reported back on meetings with federal and state politicians, while the beverages council threatened attack advertising during the election, after Mr Stokes took the proposal to cabinet in December.

Lets hope that NSW can stay strong to fight down these litter producing bottle companies like Coke.   This is a win for all Australians and to think that Coke is very against it just shows how irresponsible they are.  What an awful lot of people it must be led by.