Oheraldo Goa’s complete online news edition :: IFFI-2012-says-no-to-plastic-waste – India

Posted on November 21, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Oheraldo Goa’s complete online news edition :: IFFI-2012-says-no-to-plastic-waste.

Re the  International Film Festival of India.   The CCP Commissioner Sanjit Rodrigues on Sunday said, “We are not going to allow any use of bags, bottles, drinking cups or glasses, plates of plastic or material that is non-biodegradable generally dispensed by vendors at the IFFI venues.” Rodrigues said that instead, vendors have been directed to use alternate material like high grade plastic which is recyclable.
All vendors dispensing food and consumables will have to make arrangements for serving the same in proper plates either of steel, melamine or on betel leaf, banana leaf, etc.
The CCP Commissioner further said that the Corporation has already had talks with the management of Coke who will supply drinking water and soft drinks only in two litre bottles.
“There will be no sale of mineral water in bottles less than two litres and adequate arrangements will be made to ensure dispensation of drinking water for the public,” said Rodrigues pointing out that the move is to reduce plastic bottle waste.

The elimination of disposable plastic and not allowing sales of water bottles less than 2 liters will stop a large amount of plastic waste from this event.   If a economy with low per capita income can do this then why can’t more wealthy ecomies act just as responsibly?