Packaging & The Environment: Shoppers Say, “Please Help Me!”

Posted on March 21, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Packaging & The Environment: Shoppers Say, “Please Help Me!” | Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine.

One of PWS’s main issues is that packaging manufacturers make a lot of  green claims by changing their design as in lightweighting bottles, using plant based plastics, etc while all along they are just serving their own needs for better costs and material supply and it has little to do with the environment.
Here are two good statements from this article.

‘Shoppers are becoming more skeptical of manufacturers behaviors and motives in this area, as more state that companies are increasingly self-serving (enhance reputation; realize profit gains) and show less concern for the environment.’

‘In addition, it is becoming apparent that the days of disguising cost reductions (e.g., smaller, thinner packages) as being driven by environmental concerns may be coming to an end, and continuing to do so may test shoppers’ good will,” he continued.