PET bottles to feature in BBC food programme

Posted on November 28, 2011 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

The BBC’s The Foods That Make Billions: Liquid Gold is due to focus on the growth of bottled water and will examine the role that PET bottles have played in the multi-billion pound industry.  Full Story

The plastic water bottle is a majour pollution problem.  These bottles get littered everywhere.  This problem is partially owned by the bottlers as well as the careless litterer.  The bottling companies well know that their products are going to end up as litter.   Yet at the moment they have no responsibility for this.  They use oil/gas to make a bottle that a consumer will use for a few minutes then discard to take many 100s of years to break down.  Does that make sense in any ones mind?
Container deposit schemes need to be put in place, as only then will recycling rates get over 80% or more.  The bottling companies say education of people to improve recycling is the best, as that lets them off the hook for any ownership of the problem.
For bottled water, bottles smaller than 2 litres should be banned from production.  That would get rid of 80% of water bottle litter immediately with that one simple move without denying the consumer access to bottled water