Plastic Wrap for Farmer’s Baling to be Addressed

Posted on January 17, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Cleanfarms is to be congratulated for recognising this problem.  The plastic bale wrap is becoming a big plastic problem that did not exist a few years ago.   Farmers have few ways to deal with this problem waste.  A collection agency would be a good way for the farmers to be able to dispose of this waste, or potentially a drop off point, though participation is probably going to be lower for this latter option.

The plastic wrap could be made with a landfill-biodegradable additive in it, so than when it is collected and if it is disposed to a landfill, it will biodegrade away to humus or plant food.  If is made with the additive and not disposed to a landfill, there are no consequences, the plasic wrap can still be recycled as normal or incinerated to recover its energy.  The important thing is that there is no plastic waste lying around in farms all over the country.  The wrap manufacturers ought to be working with farmers or local agencies to use methods (such as incorporating landfill-biodegradation additives, or organising collection agencies etc) to assure their products do not end up as plastic waste lying around for 100’s of years.