Pregnant whale dies from ingested rubbish – Australia

Posted on June 7, 2018 by DrRossH in Plastic & Wildlife

Plastic rubbish had blocked the stomach of a pregnant whale that washed up on a Melbourne beach, an autopsy has revealed.

Source: Pregnant whale dies from ingested rubbish

A pregnant whale that washed up on a beach in Melbourne’s western suburbs was stricken by a stomach filled with plastic and kelp, an autopsy has revealed.

The 2.4-metre pygmy sperm whale was spotted in distress on a beach at Williamstown in late May and euthanised after rescue attempts failed.

The whale had ingested plastic that blocked its stomach outflow, and it’s suspected it then ate kelp – which is not typical of its species – as it felt unwell.

The whale’s condition rapidly deteriorated after it was spotted by a commercial fisherman washed up in the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary on May 21.

Authorities and veterinary staff tried to take the whale into deeper waters, but it was unable to swim unaided.

It was euthanised after rescuers tried unsuccessfully for hours to save it.


The Department of Environment urged people to dispose of rubbish properly after autopsy results revealed plastic and kelp in the whale’s stomach led to its demise.

Senior wildlife officer Suriya Vij said the human impact on marine wildlife was “devastating”