Pressure builds on Defra to drop bag levy exemption – UK

Posted on February 12, 2014 by DrRossH in General

Pressure builds on Defra to drop bag levy exemption

They are correct, all the bags should have a levy.    5 cents is too low too.  Ireland did 15 cents.   There are just too many false claims in the market place about biodegradable bags.  it will be too confusing for the consumer who does not understand much of the science behind biodegradation at all.

Compostable bags are no good for consumers as the consumers cannot get them to a commercial compost facility, they would more than likely throw them in the trash to go to landfill where they will not Biodegrade.

Oxodegradable is not applicable at all.  This is worse for the environment.  This causes a bag to fragment into lots of little bits of plastic that then blow and flow around the environment.  And this process takes 18-24 or more months so having to wait that long for the bag to break down is a terrible suggestion.