Recycling boost for UK economy

Posted on November 24, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Recycling boost for UK economy | Environment Report 2012 | Packaging News | Jobs | Production | Design | Innovation.

Key to all this recycling working is the getting back of the waste packaging, back to a central facility where it then becomes economic to transport it en masse back to a reprocessing centre.   The most logical way to do this is to have the people responsible for making this plastic waste, have some responsibility in getting it back.   A container deposit scheme for bottles and containers is such an idea that works very well to increase recycling rates about 300% with no cost to the manufacturers and no cost to the consumers except for those that choose not to get their deposit back. 

Once packaging is at the consumer level it is spread thinly far and wide and any commercial attempt to recover it will never be viable.  However putting a refundable deposit on an item means the public will do all this collection for free as they get their deposit back.    This is a win-win situation for the public with a cleaner environment, jobs created and less imported virgin materials into the country.  It is also a win-win for the manufacturers and most importantly for the environment.