Ruidoso News joins TerraCycle initiative

Posted on April 16, 2014 by DrRossH in Plastic & Wildlife

Ruidoso News joins TerraCycle initiative.

As we see the endless debris fields in our oceans, my heart grew heavy at our boundless waste, especially non-biodegradable plastic waste,” Mohr said. “This waste not only harms many animal species, it interrupts the cycle of oceanic food production. Now due to the vast debris field caused by these non-biodegradable products we use everyday, attempts to locate downed aircraft are hampered. We can no longer stand by and not participate in a solution.”

We have to stop the irresponsible behaviour of manufacturers who they ink they can make any product they want and not have to deal with the problems of disposal of it.  The cost of a approve disposal method has to be built into a product.  Plastic is cheap to produce but can be expensive to dispose of.  The manufacturers who make these decisions as to material selection need to also factor is disposal costs of the different materials.  Then we might get more responsible products that are not destroying our oceans like we are doing now.