Terence Corcoran: Hey hey, ho ho! The plastics ban has got to go! – Canada

Posted on March 13, 2023 by DrRossH in Plastic Recycling


It was another media manipulation masterpiece from environmental activists. With a few emails to journalists and news releases from different groups, a little battalion of anti-corporate greenies sought to seize the narrative over the use of plastics in Canada. It worked like magic. On Monday the CBC’s flagship news show, The National, managed to squeeze in a two-minute news item that showed maybe two dozen protesters outside a Federal Court in Toronto. “Hey hey, ho ho! Plastic pollution has to go!” sang the little group of demonstrators bearing signs that said “Plastics kill animals.”

The corporate players include Dow Chemical Canada, Imperial Oil, Nova Chemicals and other companies among a group of 20 members of the Responsible Plastics Use Coalition. The coalition was launched in 2021 in response to Ottawa’s decision to ban the plastic items on the grounds that plastic shopping bags, straws and takeout containers are “toxic substances” under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

Demonstarting the very worst of corporate greed.

The only one opposing the ban are the big corporates who don’t want to spend money to become responsible in the products they push out. With plastic they like to talk about the cost to produce as the ONLY reason to consider plastic. But the whole life cycle has to be considered, which includes the cost to disposal. The latter is large when you consider the cost to polluting the environment and the death to innocent wild life. These cannot be ignored and have to be factored into how and why we use plastic. They know that plastic is not going to get recycled and they would keep on pushing out their destructive products for their own gain. Single use plastic in the items mentioned here have to be banned. There is no option and also importantly it doesn’t inconvience the public or the small businesses distributing them. The only one are the manufacturers of these damaging products. Sorry people, but your time has passed and you need to move on to more responsible products. You have been damaging the planet long enough with out paying for it.